Your Wednesday News Brief: August 22

By: Shawn Campbell

DEER RIVER MN – According to the Leech Lake Tribal Police a body recovered near the Winnie Dam Recreational area in Itasca County has been positively identified as Franklin Sherman Jr. On Monday authorities recovered a body believed to be Sherman near the Mississippi River in the vicinity of the Winnie Dam northwest of Deer River. Sherman was reported missing by concerned family members. This resulted in an extensive search for Sherman who was last heard from on July 23. The cause of death is not known at this time as the investigation continues.

CASS LAKE MN – Sheriff Tom Burch reports a Risk Level 3 Offender will be released near the Cass Lake area on August 28. The offender has been identified as JAMES LITTLEWOLF age 30. Littlewolf has a history of sexual contact with two adolescent female victims ages 13, that he knew. Littlewolf has served his sentence and is not wanted by the police at this time. The Cass County Sheriffs Offices says this notification is not intended to increase fear in the community; law enforcement believes that an informed public is a safer public.

BEMIDJI MN – The Bemidji Police Department has received a number of reports of vehicle gas tanks being drilled out and the gas drained from them.  This has occurred in various areas of town and all of the vehicles to this point have been fleet trucks and vans. Entities, which own marked fleet vehicles, should take extra measures to protect them.  The public is encouraged to report any suspicious activity around their vehicles, businesses and homes.

BEMIDJI MN – Planning for a sober ride is the best way to get home after a night of drinking, but according to Holly Kostrzewski, with Northwest Minnesota Towards Zero Deaths, it can also help to plan your whole trip. Extra DWI patrol is on the roads now until Labor Day, so make sure you plan ahead and get home safe.


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