Your Tuesday News Brief: May 15

By: News Director Shawn Campbell

BEMIDJI MN – Road construction is scheduled to begin on Division Street later this month. The project will include 3 roundabouts, grading, and bituminous surfacing from the US Highway 2 off ramp, by Bemidji High School, west and north to Wilton. The project will cause some inconveniences with commuters and the city is asking for cooperation and understanding during this time.  To help provide up to date information on the project the County will be sending out email updates. For more information regarding this construction, please contact the Beltrami County Highway Department at 218-333-8173.

The Minnesota Department of Revenue reminds property owners that real property taxes must be post marked today. The only exception is for class 1c or 4c seasonal commercial and some class 3a commercial property, which have until May 31. Check the Minnesota Department of Revenues website for more.

Anyone planning on having campfires at state parks, state forests and other public lands managed by the DNR need to be aware of new firewood rules beginning this year. Under the new rules, firewood approved for use on DNR-managed lands includes; Firewood sold at the specific Minnesota state park or recreation area where it will be used. Non-ash firewood that was purchased from a vendor and harvested in the same Minnesota County as the DNR unit where it will be used. Firewood that was purchased from a vendor, harvested in Minnesota and certified to be pest free by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture or the USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service. The DNR says when purchasing firewood, be sure the bundle label includes the county of harvest and to save the receipt, because it will be needed to show proof of purchase and labeled bundles to DNR staff upon request.  Individuals bringing non-approved firewood onto DNR lands are subject to confiscation of their firewood and a $100 penalty. According to the DNR new rules were needed, because quarantine boundaries instituted for gypsy moth and emerald ash borer made the former rules problematic. Additional types of acceptable firewood can be found on the DNRs website.

FORT MYERS FL – A 56-year-old Minnesota woman has pleaded not guilty to a charge of second-degree murder.  Lois Reiss is accused of killing her husband in their home March 23rd, then traveling to Fort Myers, Florida, and killing 59-year-old Pamela Hutchinson.  Investigators think she killed Hutchinson so she could steal her identity.  Fifty-four-year-old David Reiss was found dead in the home he shared with the suspect in Blooming Prairie.  She was arrested in South Padre Island, Texas, than extradited to Florida.




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