Your Monday News Brief: November 13

By: News Director Larissa Donovan

RED LAKE– Two men have been missing for a week since their fishing boat capsized on Lower Red Lake last Monday. According to the Red Lake Police Department’s Facebook page, searchers were out again Saturday with no success. Red Lake Tribal personnel will be monitoring ice conditions and making preparations for upcoming cold weather dives. All are asked to stay off the lake near the designated search areas until further notice. The two men have been identified as 29-year-old Deland Beaulieu and a 17-year-old, and initial reports state that the boat capsized near the area known as “the cutoff.”

BEMIDJI– Seven new reserve officers were sworn in during last week’s Bemidji City Council meeting. According to a notice posted in the city’s weekly newsletter, the new reserve officers are completing their FTO program and will be out patrolling the streets soon. The reserve program is a volunteer initiative, in place since 2013, which gives thousands of volunteer hours to the community as extra eyes and ears for the Bemidji Police Department.

BEMIDJI– More than $11,000 was raised to fight breast cancer as part of the “Pink the Rink” event held by the Sanford Health Foundation, Edith Sanford Breast Center and Bemidji State University. Dollars raised will help fund 3D mammograms at Edith Sanford Breast Center for women who could not otherwise afford the screening. Funds were raised through an online auction of BSU Beaver’s men’s and women’s limited-edition pink hockey jerseys that the teams wore during October games.

Jake Messer, Bucky and Abbie Matson pose wearing the Beaver hockey limited-edition pink jerseys. The Sanford Foundation held an online auction for the official game-worn jerseys.Bucky with Jake and Abby in pink jerseys

ST. PAUL– There’s new research about the importance of minimizing screen time for children during the evening hours. If kids are falling asleep watching TV or with a cell phone tucked under the covers, they are probably going to bed later and getting much less sleep than kids without access to electronic devices. Monique LeBourgeois is the lead author if a new study that says children are uniquely vulnerable to sleep disruption from electronic screens. She says because young children’s eyes are not fully developed, the light has a greater effect on their internal body clock. <INSERT ACK> Other studies have found that screen time is associated with delayed bedtimes, fewer hours of sleep and poorer sleep quality.

GRAND RAPIDS– The Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension has cancelled a missing person alert from Itasca County. According to the release, 28-year-old Candace Lundstrom of Nashwauk was found Friday. The original press release stated she had been missing since last Monday, improperly dressed for the weather.

ALEXANDRIA– A Republican state lawmaker is being criticized for a tweet about two transgender candidates who have been elected to the Minneapolis City Council.  Representative Mary Franson of Alexandria says it’s not the first time she’s offended social justice warriors and she predicts, “it won’t be the last.”  On her personal Twitter account, Franson wrote:  “A guy who thinks he’s a girl is still a guy with a mental health condition.”  The chairman of Minnesota’s D-F-L Party, Ken Martin, calls her remarks “hurtful” and an attempt to “cheapen the historic victory” of the two African American and transgender candidates.

Rep. Franson Tweet and Non-Apology


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