Five charged with the attempted robbery of pregnant woman

By: News Director Larissa Donovan

BEMIDJI– Three men and two women have been accused of attempting to rob a pregnant woman at gunpoint near Bemidji early Monday morning.

Smith, A
Angel Smith (28). Retrieved photo.

Twenty-three-year-old Samantha Gourley, 23-year-old Ned Green, 23-year-old Jerald Downwind, 28-year-old Angel Smith and 26-year-old Julian Jones had arraignment in Beltrami County Court Wednesday.

According to the criminal complaint and defendants’ statements, the five were searching for their drug dealer in the early morning hours on Monday, who, according to a statement given to investigators, stole $170 from them.

The five mistook the pregnant woman’s Jeep for their drug dealer’s,

Gourley, S
Samantha Gourley (23). Retrieved photo.

and approached the vehicle, with Jones brandishing a B.B. gun, demanding money.

Upon realizing their mistake, some retreated back to the vehicle but Jones and Downwind continued to demand money from the pregnant woman until they eventually left.

Upon their arrest by Beltrami County Sheriff’s deputies, imitation pistols were found as well as glass pipes containing residue. Green gave a statement to investigators that indicated that the group was using meth amphetamines before the attempted robbery.

Green, N
Ned Green (23). Retrieved photo.

The three men, Jones, Downwind and Green are being held on $150,000 bonds without conditions each due to their previous criminal history. The two women, Gourley and Smith, are being held on $100,000 bonds without conditions because they have no criminal history.

No one was injured in the incident, but the pregnant woman received medical care because she was feeling unwell after the attempted robbery.

Jones*, Downwind, Green, Gourley and Smith are being held in the

Downwind, J
Jerald Downwind (23). Retrieved photo.

Beltrami County Jail.

  • Julian Jones is currently being housed in another facility due to a lack of space in the Beltrami County Jail, according to Chief Deputy Ernie Bietel.

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